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An Afro-Global Conglomerate

Guma is a distinguished Afro-Global conglomerate with its roots deeply embedded in the rich soil of Mother Africa. With a global reach that extends across continents, Guma is a testament to entrepreneurial excellence and visionary leadership.

Core values and leadership

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Guma thrives on a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial agility, constantly seeking opportunities for growth and development.


  • Employer of Choice: Recognized as a preferred employer, Guma is committed to fostering a work environment that values diversity, inclusion, and employee well-being.


  • Hands-On Approach: The leadership at Guma is actively involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring that the company’s vision is effectively translated into actionable strategies.


  • Innovative Mindset: Guma is at the forefront of technological and business model innovation, always aiming to stay ahead of industry trends.


  • Visionary Leadership: Guided by a team of visionary leaders, Guma is committed to significantly impacting the African and global markets.


  • Pan-African Roots with Global Reach: While proudly Pan-African, Guma has successfully expanded its footprint globally, servicing diverse markets and industries.


Business operations and clientele

Global Businesses

Guma operates a variety of global businesses that span multiple sectors, from technology to healthcare and beyond.

Top Multinationals as Clients

Guma has the privilege of serving some of the world's leading multinational corporations, solidifying its reputation as a trusted business partner.

OEM Partnerships

The company also boasts strong relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), further enhancing its market credibility and operational capabilities.

By seamlessly integrating its African heritage with global business practices, Guma stands as a beacon of Afro-Global synergy and entrepreneurial prowess.

Our structure

The Guma brand was conceptualised to encapsulate an investment philosophy based on an afro-global perspective on investing in the future of Africa GAG and GG are completely separate but guided by one brand, spirit and philosophy

Guma Africa Group (GAG)

An Afro-global investment conglomerate based in multiple african regions (excluding SA)  focused on continental opportunities

Guma Mosonoie Mining


– Guma Oil & Gas JV

Guma Fleet

Management Services

Guma Infrastructure

Guma Transportation Logistics

Dr P Aesthetic Clinic Africa

Guma Advisory Services

Guma Technologies

Guma Tourism & Hospitality

Guma Energy Africa

Guma Healthcare

Guma Food Security

Guma Aviation

Guma Group (SA) (GG)

A South African business conglomerate focused on operating South African businesses




Dr P Aesthetic Clinic

Guma Railway Solutions

Guma Red Rocket

Guma Capital

Four Rivers Trading

Guma Infrastructure

Guma Resources

Guma Agriculture

Human Capital Management


Our partners

Our OEM partners

Hardware partners

Software partners

Service partners

Our clients

Industrial and manufacturing

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Financial services

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Public sector

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