Group Director

Maphum Nxumalo

After a stint in surface mining of Gold and Uranium, trained underground in President Brand and Steyn in Welkom, because of my background in Chemistry, I switched over to IT.

I am a seasoned strategic ICT professional with a career that spans more than 4 decades. I have witnessed the transformation of IT to digital giving birth to AI and IOT.

I am a motivated , energetic and analytical individual who is creative and inspired by excellence. I have successfully led both multinationals and local ICT companies and implemented turnaround strategies to deal with the changing environment. 

I have ran and managed large scale information systems, from operations to applications programming and systems software programming.

I am fortunate to have experienced both sides of the industry, first as a customer and as a supplier of multiple services to a variety of companies in a number of industries. This has enabled me to have a thorough knowledge of IT related structures, partnering and working with various OEMS and OSMs.

In this ever evolvement of technology and the threat posed by cyberattacks, I have an excellent knowledge of cybersecurity and led teams that implemented hard to break cybersecurity in some of the big companies in South Africa.

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